Permit me to love you
iron out creases
from past disappointments
delete every seductress
that has betrayed
trust from the
memory bank of
your yearning heart.
Allow me to kiss away
fears, distrust,
and hesitance
which distort vision
and block blessings
from reigning upon your future.
Let me caress
hopes and dreams
from your lingering thoughts
and shape and mold them
into tomorrow’s reality.
Permit me to
lay upon aspirations
warming the foundations
for visions of success,
and satisfy every goal and
comfort each frustration.
Allow me to teach you devotion
fearlessly, untainted,
and unboundedly –
by cradling trust
and embracing faith,
I will demonstrate
the power of passion
and its endless potential.
Let me wear your affection
like a fitted gown
custom designed and tailored
specifically for my qualities
I will waltz through circumstance
with ease and finesse.
Permit me to love you
and the sun will return
to shine upon hope
as will the melodies
of seduction
that only true lovers hear.

Syed Salman Abbas

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